In Honor of April’s National Poetry Month!


snow flower



Winter Becomes Spring

2015 Creative Writing Club Members


Gazing at wispy clouds and breathing cold, crisp air

Sledding, skating, and shoveling snow 

Steel-like snow sapped strength and stacked painfully

Shivering my bones until they rattled

Long nights of freezing air

Coats piled on, sweaters pulled tight

Cold icy wind rushes past my skin

I watch as the ground slowly gets covered with fluffy white

The ceaseless frost of winter



New buds of green on once barren trees

Excited for green grass and long days of sun

But life-bearing light shall bring warmth and rejuvenate all that has withered

The sun's comforting warmth and rays of a long day

Soon the cold will be but a memory

as rain, and flowers make their way towards me

ground thawing and delightfully warm nights

I watch as flowers sprout from the ground creating beauty

Will bloom to the radiance of the spring